As kids, we were taught that the word provoke has a negative connotation. We were told not to provoke our brother or sister, the lunch lady or the dog for fear of triggering a terrible and unpredictable chain reaction. Provoking was something to avoid doing — end of story.

Then, I grew up and became a professional. While I enjoyed my career journey very much, I grew less and less tolerant of the corporate babble and cliches that had become a cornerstone of modern business life. So, in an act of personal rebellion, I provoked myself to think and act differently. I began to provoke others, too, with mixed success at first (See Stapler).

Today, constructive provoking is my calling. Yes, being provoked can be an intensive process, but accomplished and motivated people have achieved lasting transformation by working with me. If you are ready for the challenge, I invite you to contact me.